Ragging Curb Committee

The Ragging Curb Committee of our college is functioning effectively to curb the ragging activities of the students with the following members.

  1. Dr. V. Ponnuswamy, Principal – 9443912277
  2. Dr. A. Chandramohan, Head, Department of Chemistry – 9994283655
  3. Dr. M. Dhandapani, Associate Professor of Chemistry – 9442001232
  4. Dr. J. Chandrasekaran, Head, Department of Physics- 9865902727
  5. Dr. R. Thangavel – Head, Department of Electronics – 9894464259
  6. Dr. R. Sridhar, Head, Department of Computer Applications – 9944414279

Through the ragging curb committee, we have conducted meetings to create awareness on the evils of ragging among the students and develop strategies to eradicate the ragging attempts. In this regard, ragging awareness boards with punishment details like.,

  1. Imprisonment up to a term of 3 years
  2. A fine up to Rs. 25,000/-
  3. Student convicted for ragging will be dismissed from the institution and shall not be admitted to any other educational institution

prescribed by the government have been installed at prominent places in the campus.

Report of the academic year 2017-18

  • This academic year, through the Ragging Curb Committee, various teams have been formed to monitor the indulgence of ragging at various places in and around the campus.
  • On various occasions, the punishment details to the students who involved in ragging were detailed to the students.
  • As our institution is rendering educational service with spiritual base, major problems of ragging have never been happened in our campus. Besides Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya College of Arts and Science is admitting only male students at UG and PG level.