1. Extra Credit Courses

Internal Quality Assessment Cell of our college recommends from (2016-2017) onwards for the undergraduate of second and third year students to earn extra credits in their academics. So, the students have the options to choose one course per semester from the other departments and do self study and write examinations.

The students are permitted to write examination with open book access system. the students who pass in the courses concerned will be added in the mark statement as well as in the consolidated mark statement and calculated as extra credits. The pass/fail in this course is no way affect the Degree Programme.

It is useful to face competitive examinations such as, TNPSE, NSE, SET, UPSC and Bank Examinations. Such extra Credits will be an added advantage while students attempt to go abroad.

2. Add-on Courses

  1. Computer Awareness Course (Non-computer science students)
  2. Mobile Phone Services
  3. Multimedia
  4. Hardware and Networking
  5. Android Application Development
  6. Problem solving technique through programming
  7. LaTex
  8. Online Marketing
  9. Export and Import Procedure and Documentation

3. Value-Added Courses

  1.        Tally
  2.        Business Accounting Process
  3.        Cloud Computing
  4.        Software Testing
  5.        Android Application Development
  6.        Practical Direct Taxation (Income Tax)
  7.        Practical Indirect Taxation (VAT, Excise Duty, Service Tax)
  8.       Welfare Benefits of Employees (ESI, EPF)

4. Certificate Courses

  1.       Multimedia
  2.      Web Programming
  3.      Computer Hardware and Networking
  4.      Online Marketing
  5.      Export and Import Procedure and Documentation
  6.      Service Marketing


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