Department of English

The UG department of English was started in the year 1982 to meet the local demands for standards in keeping with those of the city, though the department of English has been functioning since 1964 when the college was founded. The department enjoyed the special status, along the three other colleges in the state, of experimenting with the vocational stream of functioning English under the auspices of the University Grands Commission in the late the nineties, which, since then, has flourished providing job-oriented courses within the purview of English language and Literature. A full- fledged English language laboratory was established 15 years ago to shape the gift of the gap for both the teacher and the taught. The department has been recognized and upgraded to conduct the research programmes M.Phil and PhD in the year 2014 based on the requirements to further widen the intellectual horizon of the youth, both urban and rural.

Active research in the fields of literary criticism, English language teaching and comparative literature has been carried out successfully

Salient Features

  • CALL and CALT system is adopted
  • Encouraging students to participate in extra-curricular activities
  • Mandatory internship training
  • Highlight of the programme
    • Classics in Translation
    • Introduction to Literary Theory
    • Translation: Theory and Practice
    • Remedial Grammar
    • Conversational English
    • Phonetics
    • Journalism
    • Mass Communication

Best Practices

  • Creative Writing is encouraged through Travel Writing course.
  • Stylistics is concentrated through Journalism course
  • Translation Studies is encouraged

 Names of programmes offered 

S. No. Programmes Year of Establishment
1. B.A English literature 1982
2. M.Phil in English (FT and PT) 2014
3. Ph.D in English (FT and PT) 2014

 Interdisciplinary courses and departments involved

Flash and HTML courses were offered to literature students