Faculty Details

01. Head of the Department
chandrasekar Name : Dr. R. Chandrasekar
Qualification : M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., PGCTE., Ph.D
Experience : 25 Years
Specialization: Comparative Literature, Criticism and ELT
E-Mail/ Ph. [email protected]/
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02. Associate Professor
Name : Lt. Dr. V. Neelakandan
Qualification : M.A., M.Phil., B.Ed., Ph.D., SLET
Experience : 20 Years
Specialization: Phonetics, English Language Teaching (ELT) & English Drama
E-Mail/Ph. [email protected]/
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03. Assistant Professor
Name : Sri U. Arun Bharath
Qualification : M.A., M.Phil
Experience : 16 Years
Specialization: Fiction-Visceral Realism, Magical Realism and Surrealism, New Literatures, Criticism, Linguistics
E-Mail/Ph.  [email protected]/
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04. Assistant Professor
Name : Sri K. Mahalingam
Qualification : M.A., M.Phil
Experience : 17 Years
Specialization: Fiction, Comparative Postcolonial Literature
E-Mail/ Ph. [email protected]/
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05. Assistant Professor
Name : Sri B. Muthukumar
Qualification : M.A., M.Phil.,SET
Experience : 13 Years
Specialization: Indian Writing in English (Fiction), Translation/ ELT
E-Mail/ Ph. [email protected]/
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06. Assistant Professor
Name : Dr. L. Suresh
Qualification : M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D, SET, NET
Experience : 10.6 Years
Specialization: American Fiction, Literary Theory & Criticism
E-Mail/ Ph. [email protected]/
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07. Assistant Professor
Name : Sri A. Thiyagu
Qualification : M.A., M.Phil, SET
Experience : 10.6 Years
Specialization: Fiction, Literary Theory & Criticism
E-Mail/Ph. [email protected]/
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08. Assistant Professor
Name : Sri K. Mariappan
Qualification : M.A., (M.Phil).,
Experience : 8 Years
Specialization: Poetry in British and Indian Writing
E-Mail/ Ph. [email protected]/
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09. Assistant Professor
Name : Sri K. Nandhakumar
Qualification : M.A.,B.Ed., M.Phil., SET, NET
Experience : 6.1 Years
Specialization: Grammar, Literary Criticism, British Fiction & Poetry
E-Mail/ Ph. [email protected]/[email protected]
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10. Assistant Professor
Name : Sri N. Shanmugan
Qualification : M.A., M.Phil.,
Experience :  4 Years
Specialization:  Indian Fiction in English
E-Mail/ Ph.  [email protected]/
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