Message from Chairman


Swami Garishthananda

All Knowledge exists in human mind just as fire exists in a piece of flint. The external world is only a suggestion which enables one to discover that treasure. To make a growing tiny plant become a healthy tree, we provide water, sunlight, manure, etc. It will take all that it wants by its own nature. In the same way, to bring out the student’s potential knowledge, we should provide opportunities that will enable him to apply his own intellect and make him grow and be self reliant.

As our former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said, ‘You have to Dream big before your dream comes true’. So let us all start dreaming big Dreams, perhaps visualize about how to express our gratitude to Mother India, as grown-up son/daughter in a family does to his/her mother. As an educational institution, we can express our gratefulness by imparting moral, ethical, and socially relevant holistic education to every youth and thereby nurturing them to be an asset of our nation.

My best wishes to our faculty to dream such BIG DREAMS.

With prayers,

Swami Garishthananda