Self Study Extra Credit Elective Courses

List of Subjects (Click to download the syllabus)

  1. Fundamentals of Yoga
  2. Health Care and Hospital Management
  3. Health and Hygiene
  4. Administrative System in India
  5. Financial Investment
  6. Foreign Exchange
  7. Event Management
  8. Business Regulatory Framework
  9. Application Usage Procedure Of Goods And Service Tax (GST)
  10. Number Theory
  11. Food Chemistry
  12. Computer in Mathematics
  13. Tanjavur Painting

Extra Credit Courses

Internal Quality Assessment Cell of our college recommends from (2016-2017) onwards for the undergraduate of second and third year students to earn extra credits in their academics. So, the students have the options to choose one course per semester from the other departments and do self study and write examinations.

The students are permitted to write examination with open book access system. the students who pass in the courses concerned will be added in the mark statement as well as in the consolidated mark statement and calculated as extra credits. The pass/fail in this course is no way affect the Degree Programme.

It is useful to face competitive examinations such as, TNPSE, NSE, SET, UPSC and Bank Examinations. Such extra Credits will be an added advantage while students attempt to go abroad.

List of Subjects (Click to download the syllabus)

  1. .Net Technology – I (13UCS3CT06)
  2. Algebra (13UMA1CT01)
  3. Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing (13USC5CT11)
  4. Astronomy (13UMA6CT18)
  5. Banking Theory Law & Practice (13UCM4ALT4)
  6. Basic Electrical Machines and Instruments (13UEC3CT03)
  7. Business Economics (13UCC3ELT1)
  8. Corporate Accounting (13UCM4CT09)
  9. Cyber Security (13UCA5ELT1)
  10. Differential Equation and Laplace Transforms (13UMA2CT03)
  11. Digital and Mobile Communication (13UEC5ELT8)
  12. Electronic Circuits (13UEC4CT07)
  13. Financial Accounting (13UCM2CT03)
  14. General Chemistry – I (13UCH1CT01)
  15. General Chemistry – II (13UCH2CT02)
  16. History of English Literature (13UEL2ALT2)
  17. Human Resource Management (13UCO6CT18)
  18. Indian Banking (13UCC5CT09)
  19. Indian Economy (13UCO2ALT2)
  20. Industrial and Power Electronics (13UEC5ELT5)
  21. Java Programming (13UIT3CT05)
  22. Management Accounting (13UCO6CT17)
  23. Microcontroller and its Applications (13UEC5ELT2)
  24. Mobile Application Development (13USC5ELT1)
  26. Modern Structured analysis and Design techniques (13USC4CT08)
  28. Multimedia Application (UCS5CT12)
  29. Network Communication (13UEC5ELT6)
  30. Nuclear Physics (13UPH6CT11)
  31. Office Management (13UCO4NME2)
  32. Operating System (13UCS4CT09)
  33. Organic Chemistry – I (16UCH5CT06)
  34. Principles of Marketing (13UCM2CT04)
  35. Principles of Marketing (UCO4CT10)
  36. Programming in C and its Physics Applications (13UPH6CT12)
  37. Prose –I (13UEL1CT01)
  38. Robotics and Automation (13UEC5ELT9)
  40. Software Engineering (13UCS6CT14)
  41. Statics (13UMA3CT06)
  42. Trigonometry, Vector Calculus and Fourier series (13UMA2CT04)
  43. Web Technology – I (HTML & XML) (13UIT3CT06)
  44. Database management systems (3CT03)
  45. Theory of Cooperation (13UCO1CT01)