Policies adopted by the institution to promote Research

1. Encouraging researchers to undertake off-campus research and publish the research work in reputed journals.
2. Researchers from other Colleges and Industries are also encouraged to utilize the research facilities available in the College.
3. Researchers are encouraged to undertake collaborative research at the national and international level in specific areas.
4. On-duty permission is provided to faculty members and research scholars for data collection.
5. Honorarium is paid to the Supervisor as an incentive on completion of Ph.D and M.Phil degrees.
6. The institution motivates the faculty members by providing registration fee and travelling allowances to participate and publish their research papers in Conferences/Seminars.
7. Incentives for un-aided faculty members are awarded for publishing articles in reputed journals.
8. Additional increments for un-aided faculty members are paid for acquiring research degrees and undertaking research projects.
9. Honoring the faculty members who are awarded Ph.D. degrees/ Minor/Major research projects on the Annual Day function.
10. Initial expenses incurred by the investigator during submission of project proposals are met by the institution.
11. Faculty members and research scholars are encouraged to publish book reviews.


S. No.

Name of the Department Prioritised Research Areas and expertise available with the college
1. Chemistry * Pharmacological evaluation of Transition
metal complexes
* Growth of non-linear optical crystals
* Anti cancer activity of Carbazoles
* Green inhibitors for anti corrosion
* Inorganic polymer
* Molecular modelling
2. Physics * Development of Thin film based sensors, Super capacitors, Diodes and Solar cells
* Preparation of Polymer devices
* Molecular Quantum Mechanics
* Growth of non-linear crystals
* Synthesis of Nano- materials
* Solar Energy and its Utilization
3. Mathematics * Heat transfer in Nano-fluids
* Numerical Methods to solve fuzzy differential equations
* Existence of Solutions of non-linear integro-differential equations
* Existence of Solutions of fractional differential equations
* MHD boundary layer flows of Nano-fluid with slip flow model
4. Computer
Science &
* Algorithms for Data modeling using Data mining techniques
* Mathematical modeling using fractal dimensions
* Soft computing and artificial intelligence
5. Electronics and
* Embedded System
* Devices development with Thin Films
6. English * Criticism
* Comparative Literature
* English Language Teaching
7. Social Work * Community Development
* Organisational and industrial issues
* Psycho-social problems
* Emerging social issues of third gender
8. Cooperation * Financial Performance of Banking Sectors
* Human Resource management in industrial and Cooperative Sectors
* Marketing strategies
9. Commerce * Working capital management
* Sustainable livelihood
* Consumer behavior
10. Tamil * Modern Literature
* Traditional Grammar
* Siddha Literature
* Varmalogy