Aided library

Our library is one of the biggest and oldest academic libraries in Coimbatore. It is housed in a separate block with adequate infrastructural facilities. Its building plan was approved by Dr.S.R.Ranganathan, the father of Indian Library Science. The building has been extended on both sides of the reading hall. The area of the main library is 6365 sq ft. A separate library wing is provided for the benefit of the self financing students. The area of the self financing wing library is 750 sq ft. Eighty users can sit and read at a time in the main library and forty users in the self financing wing. The working hours of our library are from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. without a break.

Salient Features of Our Library

  1. Computerized library services.
  2. All the books are bar coded
  3. All the students are provided with an ID card with a bar code.
  4. Conducting orientation programs to the fresher on first day of the college.
  5. Ideal reading environment surrounded by plants, and trees, free from noise, proper lighting and ventilation and maximum fan facilities are provided.
  6. User friendly software helps the user easily access to the availability of the library resources any ware.
  7. Xerox facility.
  8. All the documents are classified and arranged according to the classification scheme.
  9. Journals and magazines are also issued to the students and staff members for night long time and holiday reading
  10. Students are allowed to return the Library books after completed the semester exams.

Online Databases and Library

  1. NLIST
  3. ACM
  4. IEEE